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Ecoembes, “The organization that cares for the environment through recycling and the eco-design of packaging in Spain”, according to its website, afirms our country leads the ranking for waste management technological processes. This means, the 80% of the yellow container waste are processed under the latest technology. Regarding to this point, the above mentioned organization praises the innovation work done in the recycling plants.

However, Ecoembers considers companies should take part. Actually, it ought to be in two ways: Firstly, those companies that manage waste should attempt for the collection and recycling cost not to be paid by the citizens because of a tax increase.
On the other hand, consumer companies must focus in ecodesigning. However, Ecoembes appreciates the fact that containers are currently 17% less heavy than before. This way less raw materials are needed to produce them. On top of that, the longer, the more reusable materials are also used to manufacture them.

As easier as possible for citizens.
Ecoembes advocates for an efficient management. Regarding to this, the organization considers recycling needs to be as easier as possible for the citizen. Nowadays there are 570.00 yellow and green containers on the the streets for the people who do no recycle start to do it and those who actually do it, to recycle even more and even better.

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