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The brand Grupo FEM,  under the wing of  the company Técnicos Eurelectric, was born at the beginning of 2011, when his manager got interested in the metal detection sector. He was so curious about this matter that he -by himself- started to design and produce his first prototypes to test in house. He was quickly succesful and started to trade in the industrial sector:  the first Grupo FEM detectors were sold.

These equipments had such a high quality that Grupo FEM got much more enquiries. So the manager needed to employ new people. Even more, due to he always meant to widen his horizons, he carried on designing new machines an increasing the amount of products and services offered.

It is essential to point that Grupo FEM was born when Spain was suffering a really deep economic crisis. In spite of this hard context, the company has grown up from the very beginning. Its Production and Sales numbers have been expanded greatly every year. A good example of this is the fact that when 2015 was over, Sales were 212% higher than the previous year.

As a consequence of the above mentioned, the team members have been getting bigger as well. from one until ten employees.

Values, Mission and Vision

A. Values

The brand GrupoFEM is based on the very next values:
• Human Capital: our employees, our best investment.
• Quality: what defines our products and services.
• Client: we work for them to be satisfied.
• Competitiveness: self-improvement as a constant target.

B. Mission

GrupoFEM’s mision is to satisfy our costumers by offering them the best quality possible in products and services

B. Vision

Our company is always looking to the future and thinking ahead. Its founder proved it when he took the risk and started this company up. On top of that, he easily knew his equipment had a great potential.

We continue this job and want to carry on developing and innovating our products for them to become a model and example.

I + D + i

Everything said on the above lines means R&D.

All kind of analysis, researches, tests and trials take place everyday in our facilities. We not only work for our machinery to be eficient, but we also look for any aspect that can be improved.

A good example of this, is the evolution of the Overband metals separators. The more we have produced, the more its design has been improved. Our technical engineers have been focused on safety matters and they have made these machines more secure for everyone who might work around. Over the time, the Overbands are much more impregnable and inaccesible.

Besides, eficiency has been another point to work at. This way Overbands are now more powerful and need less electrical supply.

On the other hand, Eddy Current non ferrus metals Separators have also been revised and upgraded. Their aesthetics and designs have been positively improved.

Moreover, our technical department has found the way to protect the equipment and avoid the material to get in the internal mechanism. A part from this, to produce this type of machinery, our qualified workers apply much more abrasion and friction resistant materials. The aim of this is to extend the system work live.

On top of that, several improvements have been applied as well to reduce the maintenance times.

At Grupo FEM we are always thinking of different and better ways to develop and improve our equipments. We work hard to offer not only more eficient machines, but also better designs and more beautiful engineering creations.


We are Técnicos Euroelectric. We make Grupo FEM

We are several professionals, from very different sectors, who are gathered together and work hard looking ahead. We contribute our education, skills. experience, optimism and motivation to achieve more and better goals.

Our best goal is to make, all in common, Grupo FEM. It is definitely, the best reward.