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Eddy Currents metals separator / Induction separator
SMFEM at the SRR’16SMFEM designed by Grupo FEM


Eddy Current separator means to separate non ferrus metals.

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Product Description

The Eddy Current separator means to separate non ferrus metals. The main parts of the whole structure are a conveyor belt and two rotors. The first one´s job is to produce the band movement. However, the other one, is an inducing rotor that repels the non ferrus metals, thanks to the Eddy Currents law.


The Eddy Current separators are suitable to work at any materials management plant, due to non ferrus metals are highly probable to be found whitin those materials. Morever, this equipment is needed in non ferrus recovery processes, such as aluminium, copper, brass, zinc…etc.

This is the reason why, Eddy Current separators are installed in Solid Urban Waste (SUW) plants, plastics recovery factories, Waste Electrical, Electronic Equipment (WEEE) works; either paper and cardboard, wood or glass plants, Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) recovery factories…etc


Grupo FEM manufactures its SMFEMs according to the client requeriments. Sevaral factors are far important to deliberate and decide which model is the most suitable for the client. The conveyor belt dimensions, the quantity and type of material, the density, the size… are determining aspects to achieve the best solution.


The Eddy Current law is the key for this equipment to work. This phenomenon happens when a conductor material goes through a changing magnetic field. The conductor movement produces a swirling current which, at the same time, creates electromagnetic fields. Those artificial magnetic fields are opposed to the previous one.
So, the stronger the changing magnetic field is; the better is the conductor; or the faster is the conductor speed, the more currents and the stronger opposed magnetic fields are.