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Permanent magnet
PFEM designed by Grupo FEM


The equipment is made by a block of magnets that atracts other ferromagnetic materials.

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Product Description

The magnetism law is the key for this system to work.
This means, some materials are, in a natural way, capable of attracting ferric particles.

The PFEM is made by a block of magnets that atracts other ferromagnetic materials. Our PFEMs can be monopolar or bipolar.

The monopolar ones mean their magnets orientation coincide, that is, there is only a pole to catch the material.
However, regarding the bipolar magnets, when a ferric particle is not cought by the first pole, anyway, it gets inside a strong magnetic field that will make the material be attracted by the second pole
The bipolar magnet is really good at attracting large grain materials.

A permanent magnet does not need power supply at all and needs to be cleared by a worker.


Permanent magnets are suitable to work at factories where materials may well be contaminated with ferric metals.

These equipments are perfect to catch larg size pieces hardly ever found in between the material.

There are a wide range of industrial sectors where permanent magnets are suitable to be installed. Such as  aggregates, Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW), Raw, Refused, Derived Fuel (RDF), wood, cork, ceramics, mining, plastics… etc.


Either dimensions or magnetism force may be adapted to the client´s requirements. It is important to focus on main details  such as the conveyor belt width, how much material is manufactured or its size to be able to determine which model is the best one for the costumer.