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The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (O.E.P.M.) has just published the official document which proofs Grupo FEM is a registered trademark, specifically, under the categories 07 and 09: those ones that comprehend all the metals separator equipment manfactured by the murcian company.

4 enero, 2017



Grupo FEM certainly is a registered trademark, according to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Within the mentioned institution, it is the Spanish O.E.P.M. the one managing every application to, finally, aporove it or refuse it.

This way, on the Second of June, Grupo FEM submitted the required application form to became a registered trademark. As usual, this kind of process needs some months to be solved by the O.E.P.M. This is why, during all this time, the Spanish organism works to verify that there is not a trademark already registered under this name and these categories. On top of that, during this period, any natural person or legal entity is allowed to claim against that application if it is considered it might mean a conflict of interests.

Nevertheless, today  the final resolution which officialy says Grupo FEM has become a registered trademark under the categories 07 and 09, has been already published. These ones include superconductive magnetic separators, (machines), separators (machines), vibrating sieves (machines), drums for machines, drums which are a part of machines to clasify materials; and, on the other hand, industrial metal detectors, security metal detectors, electromagnets, magnets for industrial use and magnetic detectors.

Grupo FEM

Grupo FEM is a murcian company which designs, manufactures, ensambles and supplies all kind of machinery to separate metals. It means: permanent magnets, electromagnets, permanent overbands, electromagnetic overbands, magnetic drums, magnetic rotary drums, Eddy Currents non ferrus metals separator, vibrating feeders, vibrating sieves. All of them are to be installed in recycling plants which manage all kind of waste or materials.

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