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Mixers, new products of its portfolio

9 noviembre, 2016

So far, Grupo FEM products meant to separate materials. However, the murcian brand also wants to work for a new market niche and that is the reason why the Mixers have been included in its portfolio.

Grupo FEM is determined to continue innovating and developing its products and services. This way, the company not only designes and produces machinery to separate materials, but also to do just the opposite: mixing.

The main part of this equipment is a stainless steel container, where the different materials become a unique mass. That is possible thanks to a multiple endless screw, like a helix, whose turning movement mixes all the materials.

This equipment is really versatile. They are perfect to be part of every industry which manufactures products made by mixing different ingredients or materials. That is, the food sector industries, chemist industries, chemistry industries, cosmetic industries, and so on. They all need mixers to do their job.

On the other hand, Grupo FEM continues its duties producing permanent magnets, electromagnets, overbands, magnetic conveyor belts, magnetic drums, permanet rotary drums, Eddy Current separators, vibrating feeders and vibrating sieves, among others. The main task of them is to get the job done in many different kind of recycling plants

So, from north to south and from east to west, all along the Spanish territory, and beyond its boundaires, there are Grupo FEM machines which take place in the recycling process. They are in Urban Solid Waste plants, aggregates, wood, scrap or glass plants, among others.

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