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9 noviembre, 2016

This murcian brand specialized in metal managment equipment, has got new resolutions to provide value not only to the metal sector, but also to the whole society.

One of its resolutions is about updating the website The brand pretends to create a virtual manetic field to atract visitors and to honour its equipment and machinery.

This is the reson why new sections have been created for the user not only to deeply read about Grupo FEM machines -designed, made, ensambled and tested in house-, but also to browse much more areas. This way, the new website tells the company history and introduces its team. Besides, the user will be able to have a look to the brand Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked’in or Youtube.

What are Grupo FEM mison and vision? And what about its values? All of this information and much more will be displayed on the new website for the user to discover new things about Grupo FEM.

Moreover, our visitors will have the chance to get in our Press Room and read about the last news regarding the Company. Even more, if you click on ‘News’ you will find information about the whole sector.

On the other hand, the ‘Useful Links’ mean a really handy way to keep on investigating. This section contains different kind of links to browse some others organizations, associations and institutions websites. All of them, related to the metal or recycling business.

Last but not least, if someone comes up with any doubt or question, our website has also got a ‘Glossary’ to solve any question about our equipment, magnetism or recyling,

Grupo FEM produces permanent magnets, electromagnets, overbands, magnetic conveyor belts, magnetic drums, permanet rotary drums, Eddy Current separators, vibrating feeders and vibrating sieves, among others. The main task of them is to get the job done in many different kind of recycling plants

So, from north to south and from east to west, all along the Spanish territory, and beyond its boundaires, there are Grupo FEM machines which take place in the recycling process such as Urban Solid Waste, aggregates, wood, scrap or glass plants, among others.

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