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Grupo FEM´s manufactured goods and sales rised 65% last year, comparing to 2015. Basically, It´s been machinery to separate metals; however some others equipment to manage materials have also been provided.

3 enero, 2017

Stock equipment

Year 2016 is over and it´s time for Grupo FEM to review the last twelve months. The results seem to be far positive due to the Spanish manufacturer added up to 65% of sold machinery to separate metals, comparing to 2015.  This way, the company provided not only several products registered in its catalogue, but also some other equipment to manage materials.

Regarding ferrus metals separation, Grupo FEM manufactured magnetic conveyor belts, electromagnets, permanent magnets, electromagnetic overbands, permanent overbands, magnetic pulleys, permanent rotary drums and electromagnetic rotary drums. All of these machines are different between eachother: their designes were developed according to the material they are supposed to process: type, quantity, density, among others relevant factors.

On the other hand, concerning non ferrus metals separation, the Spanish corporation manufactures Eddy Currents separators as well. Therefore, the quantity of SMFEMs sold has increased by 23% over the last year.

Finally, vibrating sieves, vibrating feeders and hammer mills are other types of equipment to recover materials.  Grupo FEM provided several models of these products, which also take place in the recycling process.

Different applications all over Spain and beyond.

All of those mentioned machines are currently working in different materials recovery plants. Such as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) plants, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), car scrapping, scrap yards, mineral recovery and clays plants. All of them are found not only all over Spain but also beyond its boundaries.

Grupo FEM working for the food industry.

The Spanish producer also provided food industry equipment.  That is, mixers, screw conveyors, rotary tables and bottling machines. All of them designed and ensambled under different guidelines, according to the client needs and requests.

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